Worshippers at TurningPoint Church are involved at various levels in the vision of the church. Wherever you are right now, whether it's attending regularly or growing in full commitment to the life and ministry of our church, it's exactly by God's design and it’s cause to rejoice. But we challenge you to move forward. Christ's church is how His people minister to one another, to the world, and to God Himself. His church is worth our time and energy. So wherever you are, ask Jesus how you can take one step forward in involvement in His work through this church.

    If you regularly attend Sunday services at TurningPoint Church, we encourage you to get involved beyond attending services. A good first step in this direction is to join the community who serves the church. Become a contributing part of the team that supports the functions of the church as a whole.

    TurningPoint Church works only because the volunteers keep us going. If you are interested in volunteering in a particular area please contact Alyssa Mote at [email protected]