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The Fickle Crowd Series The Fickle Crowd

3.25.18 | The Longest Walk - Part 3

The Garden Of Decision Series The Garden Of Decision

3.18.18 | The Longest Walk - Part 2

The Table of Betrayal Series The Table of Betrayal

3.11.18 | The Longest Walk - Part 1

Where Did All The Bible Translations Come From? Series Where Did All The Bible Translations Come From?

3.14.18 | More Tough Questions with Tougher Answers - Part 2


The Longest Walk


More Tough Questions with Tougher Answers


Now Faith Is


Titus: Right Living From Right Truth


Guest Speakers

Listen to messages preached by Guest speakers at TPC

Light Of The World


Solo Sermons

Hear a timely message from one of our TPC Pastors.



Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

Story Of The Sower

Story Of The Sower

What's Up With Heaven?

What's Up With Heaven?

Tough Questions

Tough Questions

Spiritual Warfare and You


Soul Survival

Soul Survival

Faith Breakers

Faith Breakers

Family Matters

Family Matters

Acts: When God Gets Loose

Join Pastor Jeff in a study of the early church in the book of Acts.


It's incredible the power an attitude can have in your life. A shift in perspective can shift your life in a new direction.

We Stand Redeemed

One of the hardest things to grasp about Christianity and going to heaven is that NOTHING we do in and of ourselves will get us there. There is only one…

First: Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

Join Pastor Jeff in this 4-week series as talks about putting God FIRST in our lives.

Courageous Living

The Prophet Daniel was used of God to deliver some of the most profound prophecies in the entire Bible. And along with his 3 friends, Shadra


2016 Christmas at TurningPoint

Anchored: Steadfast In The Storm

The Gift

No greater gift has ever been given than the gift Jesus gave to His church--the Holy Spirit. Yet our understanding of the Holy Spirit and wh

Pray Through

Have you wished your prayer life was stronger than it is? Are you frustrated over your inability to pray more? If so, or if you just want to make a good…

The END - Revelation Unfolds

The Revelation is colorful, exciting, prophetically red-hot, and holds a direct message for this generation and the end times in which we live. If ever…

Enouragement For Discouraging Times

Many would contend that we live in very discouraging times. For many it's harder and harder to find inner peace. Yet the God of the Bible is an ENCOURAGING…

Mercy Triumphs

Join Pastor Jeff as he starts his Easter series, Mercy Triumphs, that will declare the victories won through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus…

When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Moses was in a tight spot. An angry Egyptian army charging from behind, and a gaping sea stretching before him. What to do? Join us this Sunday as Pastor…


Two words go together repeatedly in the Bible––Follow and Forsake. "Follow Me," said Jesus, and "Forsake all."
We must "let go of" in order to "lay hold…

Our King Has Come

The most profound event to ever rock our planet is the day God became a man. We call it the incarnation. God literally wrapped Himself in flesh to become…

The Battlefield

As Christians, we are in a daily spiritual battle that is fought on different fronts, for different reasons, and with varying degrees of intensity. The…


Every day we are faced with a decision: weather we are going to pick up our cross, or not. Jesus called his disciples, and by extension us, to carry our…

Sermon on the Mount

An in depth study on on of the most famous sermons of all time.


No modern soap opera can beat the saucy, all too human stories of Bible characters painted for us in the Word of God. Seductresses, killers, liars, and…

Armor For The Battle

Jesus never promised us that life would be easy. In fact, He told us just the opposite. However, He did promise us victory! But that victory is not one…